How It All Started Or Where My Love For Coffee Comes From

Aloha and welcome to!! Feel free to browse around this ever growing website and to discover the wonderful world of coffee.

My name is Kainoa and I'd like to tell you how my life got into all about coffee.

Well, during my adolescent years, my family and I would go to the Big Island of Hawaii, to help with my grandparents' farm every summer. Yup, that was our summer vacation!!

It was usually harvesting season for macadamia nuts and coffee. I can remember how much labor was put into that farm and the mosquito infestations...AHH!! Everyone from my grandparents, to their children, put a lot of time into that farm.

I believe they started the farm back in the 1940's, when they first plowed the earth, to planting the macadamia nut and coffee trees. Of course it took years to get the trees to reach maturity and to bear their wonderful nuts and beans. A lot of years!!

And of course, all the hard labor that was put into harvesting the crops, grinding the husks of the nuts and beans, and all that good stuff. Whew!! It makes me tired just thinking back to those days, but fun and innocent days.

I was labeled as the fire starter, because I loved to burn the rubbish from the trees and to keep those pesky mosquitoes away!!

As my siblings and I grew into adults, we started to enjoy the taste of coffee. My two sisters are coffee fanatics!! They need their coffee thru out the day to keep them going. My older sister was a "Starbucks" person, while my younger sister was an avid "Home Brewer" specialist.

I got started drinking coffee when I left Hawaii to move to the continental USA. That's where it all started!! I finally learned how to make a fresh brew!!

But, due to my daily grind, I found it easier to just stop by a local 7-11 in the morning and buy a freshly brewed, 24 ounce cup of vanilla nut coffee. Ummm!! And the aroma!! But you can't beat a freshly brewed cup of coffee made at home. That's for sure!!

Now come along with me, to explore and discover, all about coffee and the recipes that can be made with this wonderful bean.

P.S. Don't forget to share your stories too!!