The Barista

The Coffee and Tea Specialist

In the world of coffee houses, the barista is the most important member of the staff. While nearly anyone can pour a cup of coffee from a pot, it takes the remarkable skills of this specialist to know how to craft the seemingly endless menu of modern coffee and tea beverages served in coffee shops around the world.

Interestingly enough, the trade of this specialist has become so popular that there are international competitions, magazines and trade organizations that allow a professional to expand their skills and knowledge. While concocting tasty drinks is their primary goal, many also develop a great deal of knowledge about the world of coffee as well.

For example, it is not unusual to discuss the merits of one particular coffee plantation or the difference between a Thai coffee and a Vietnamese coffee. It is the technical and professional interests of this trade that allow for the introduction of many different international specialties into the “mainstream”.

Learn to become one

There are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants that are looking to hire and train people to focus strictly on this area of food service. There are also thousands of bakeries and coffee houses that train people to make specialty drinks as well. Over the course of the last decade, however, this career has become so popular and so lucrative that there are now several schools offering formal education in the work and skills of this specialist.

Another interesting fact about the re-emergence of the coffee house and the rise of this coffee specialist is that their special tools and skills have also transitioned into many modern homes, and it isn’t unusual to see bottles of syrup, foaming tools and espresso machines in a traditional family kitchen.

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