Making Perfect Black Coffee

Millions of people, perhaps even billions, start each day with a hot cup of black coffee. This can be made in a modern electric coffee pot, a French-style press pot, an espresso maker and dozens of other ways. Most people will add sweeteners and milk or cream to their coffee, while others drink it “straight”.

Most people have grown very used to the ease in which they can grab a quick cup of coffee, but just because it is an abundant food, it doesn’t mean that we are preparing it in the best way possible.

For example, a good cup of coffee starts with the beans. Today there are hundreds of varieties of coffee beans on the market. There are specialty growers, free trade dealers and independent farmers all providing unique flavors, blends and roasts to consumers. Unless the beans have been packaged well and stored properly, however, that cup of hot black coffee is not going to taste as flavorful or delicious as it could.

The first thing to remember about coffee beans is that they are greatly affected by air and humidity. For this reason they should never be placed into a freezer or refrigerator. Additionally, the overly cold temperatures can have quite an effect on the acids and oils in the beans as well.

What is the ideal way to store coffee? Whether it is ground or whole beans, coffee will benefit from an air-tight jar kept in a dark, dry and room-temperature location. A standard kitchen cupboard is a good answer, so long as it isn’t directly above or near an oven or other heat-making machine.

The next thing to remember is that a great cup of coffee comes from freshly ground beans. Naturally, this is not available to everyone and so it is important to always try to store coffee in ideal conditions to preserve its flavors.

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