Understanding the Calories In Coffee

If you are curious about the number of calories in coffee it might help to know that a standard cup of black coffee contains absolutely zero caloric content. Once you start adding cream and sugar the calories in your coffee begin to mount. While a simple cup of “light and sweet” coffee is not going to hit a dieter’s calorie count all that much, a prepared coffee beverage will probably have a different effect.

Consider all of the frozen coffee drinks and the many types of gourmet coffees served by baristas and fast food workers each and every day. A majority of these tasty and delightful drinks are loaded with sugar, syrup, cream and fillers that add a significant number of calories in your coffee.

Let’s consider the frozen café lattes and cappuccinos marketed by everything from burger joints to the more famous coffee franchises. They usually do not have a crushed ice base, but instead begin with a frozen ice cream base instead. To this is usually added more milk or cream, syrup for flavoring and sweetness and finally the coffee. Though there are no calories in the coffee, this sort of drink could easily provide someone with their daily rations of fat, carbohydrates and sugar.

The hot beverages are actually just as guilty of hiding potential calories. Though they do not taste or feel like a glorified coffee milkshake, some are chock full of syrup and cream as well.

So, if you are counting calories, but you want to enjoy a coffee drink you should simply opt for one that relies on skim milk and sugar free sweeteners. Luckily a majority of the restaurants and coffee shops selling summer and winter coffee beverages will provide plenty of choices for those counting calories, even the calories in coffee.

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