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Cappuccino is the new coffee that everyone is drinking these days. It's a fine mix of espresso, hot milk, and lots of foam.

It's different from its contender, café latte, because it uses lesser steamed milk and a lot more espresso and foam.

Customarily, this coffee variety is served in deep, ceramic mugs, which retain more heat, and the coffee stays steaming hot for a long time.

Also, the thick layer of foam on top prevents heat from escaping. So you can enjoy your creamy, hot coffee, as you sip slowly breathing in the refreshing aroma.

Where It Comes From

Etymologically, the word Cappuccino comes from a rank of Franciscan friars—Cappuccini, because they wore hoods ('Cappuccio' is Italian meaning hood). The first machine was invented in Italy and was patented by Luigi Bezerra in 1901.

The drink was first served from the early 1900s. Post World War II, the popularity of the drink increased with the betterment in technology of coffee machines. It’s only after the 1950s that the drink acquired its present form.

The drink has taken time to come out on its own because it is often confused with café latte. This is another kind of Italian coffee, which is very popular in America. An important difference though, is that latte has more milk and no milk foam. The foam on the surface is a characteristic that distinguishes it from a large number of coffee preparations.

Ideally, you should avoid drinking this coffee in glass/plastic tumblers. To enjoy it as it should be, use a porcelain mug.

How To Prepare It

Here's a very simple cappuccino recipe that is easy to prepare.

Step 1, is to put a shot of espresso in a mug.

Then heat the milk. The milk is an important ingredient. If the texture or taste so slightly amiss your coffee, it will not taste the way it should.

Steam it until it becomes smooth, surfaced and sweet.

After combining these two, the next thing to do is to place a fine layer of foamed milk, about one centimeter thick, on the concoction. And your marvelous drink is ready.

Of course, you can increase or decrease the quantity of the ingredients, according to your personal taste. If you like more or less milk, you can order wet and dry, accordingly.

A Matter Of Taste

Not all people like this kind of coffee. It's a matter of a developed taste. The drink was not very popular to start with, in America. Whether it was because of its taste or it took much more time to cool down, is anybody’s guess. But lately there has been a record increase in the number of urban coffee shops and stylish cafes that people are flocking to.

Interestingly, this was a drink that Italians had with breakfast. It was an exclusively morning drink. In other parts of the world, however, it's not had at all times of the day and especially after dinner.

It's amazing how we never think that behind every little thing lies a history of growth and change!

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