Cheesecake As A Work Of Art


Did you know that cheesecake was the same confection that the Greeks served to their athletes after the first Olympic Games?

Isn’t it unbelievable that one of the most beloved dishes on the average American plate, has a history so far and varied?

Perhaps not, because the nutritional contents of a slice of this cake has always been most suited to athletes. It can contain up to six grams of protein for each serving (in comparison to about two grams of protein for each serving of Boston pie).

It is equally low on sugar and carbohydrates, since this delicious cake requires neither sugar nor flour in the recipe.

There are many types available in the market. If you are mind-blown by the variants, it is always safe to stick to the New York style, which is by far the most popular in the US.

A New York Style

A true New York style cheesecake has no crust. It is prepared by a combination of cream cheese, heavy cream, eggs and some more egg yolk, which add to the richness of its flavor and gives it a smooth, creamy consistency. The interior of the cake is creamy and fluffy. The outside edges are baked until they are a light golden brown color. Cottage cheese is often added to the recipe, and only a trace of lemon is used for flavoring.

A well-baked cake, especially in the New York style is nothing short of a work of art.It can transform a bad meal and can make a good meal into something you will be telling your grandchildren after ages.

However, a word of warning: making such a cake at home can be quite a challenge for even the best of amateur cooks.

It is the best option – both for the sake of taste and the damage to your wallet – to get one ordered.

There are recipes that require baking and those that don’t, but neither makes it any easier to emulate that creamy richness and smooth flavor in the kitchen at home.

It is very difficult and takes a lot of patience and practice to get the baked recipe exactly right. As an easier alternative, no-bake recipes flood the internet.

You may want to experiment with one of these, but it is really advisable to try it out once at home before you serve it to your guests. Most amateur cooks quickly learn that there is no real substitute for the taste and texture of the well-baked cheesecake.

Going back to the cake that you can order, there is really no end of options to choose from.

Different Flavors

Cheesecakes come in a number of flavors like mango, chocolate, strawberry, peach, pumpkin, ebony-and-ivory, carrot-and-raisin, lemon-and-raisin, lemon sour cream and every other conceivable combination.

If you are the sort that counts calories, opt for the low-fat cake, which is prepared with low-calorie sugar and cream. Cheesecakes are available at most bakeries and stores that sell pastries, and most of these will also offer you free home delivery packages. Prices vary widely according to the size and flavor, but you can expect a standard cake to come for around $30.

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