All About Roasting Coffee Beans

coffee beans

Coffee beans are obtained from the coffee plant in the form of its seed, which is present within the purple fruit. The endosperm of this bean contains around 0.8-2.5% caffeine - the supplier of the strength of the coffee you drink.

Caffeine is also one of the major reasons why coffee plants (mainly Arabica and Robusta) are cultivated in various parts of the world. The countries that produce most of these coffee beans, utilize them as an important export product, thus gathering revenue for the country.

Wide Range Of Choice

Most coffee producers will be able to tell you about the numerous varieties and features of these beans. They vary in shape and size, from region to region, thus imparting a kind of specialty to the drink brewed from each of the seeds. And this wide range of choice helps you make your coffee just the way you prefer to have it and Coffee machines aid you in this!

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You could make your own espresso, cappuccino, or latte by just the touch of a button on the machine. Those who prefer fashioning their coffee in this manner should certainly invest in a good coffee machine. And one such machine will last for almost ten years, if used with care.

They are fully automatic and can be cleaned with a solution of water and vinegar once every month - maintenance is not really a problem. Turn the switch off after using the machine. Coffee depends basically on personal preference.

Every person has his/her own personal preference when it comes to pleasing his/her palate with coffee. So, you can choose between roasted and unroasted beans or even lightly roasted beans to match the kind of coffee you desire to brew.

Flavor And Odor

The coffee beans release a flavor and odor that depends on how it has been roasted.

* Lightly roasted beans bear a slightly acrid taste and also high on caffeine content.

* Darkly roasted beans bear the taste of the roasting process itself.

* Medium roasted beans are another category, which is often referred to as the American roast. These beans are darker and have a strong flavor that is extremely popular with coffee chains. However, they aren’t the best quality you could ask for.

The darkly roasted beans are known as the city beans and are available only in top rated coffee shops, as they are expensive. They have less caffeine and acid, as compared to others. They are mostly used in espressos as the flavor is sweeter and not as strong. The French roast technique is unique. This, results in beans that are dark brown in color and are rather shiny, and most people mistake them for being burnt. You can easily detect them by their strong smell.

The darkest of them all are the Italian roast beans. Thus, they are sweeter and less caustic. They make for a pleasant cup of coffee. The sweetness of the beans is a result of the caramelizing of the sugar content within the bean. The roasting process also burns away the caffeine content of these beans, taking off the keen edge from the taste.

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