Coffee Cake Recipe - Only The Best For You And Your Guests

Have you been looking for an original coffee cake recipe? How many times have you wondered where the term "coffee cake" has come from, given that it is mostly created without any trace of java whatsoever in the recipe?

Do you know, as you enjoy your coffee and cake, that you are repeating a habit that goes as far back as the 17th century?

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The rise of coffee as a popular drink at social gatherings began in Europe in the 1600s, and so did the custom of eating some sweet confection along with it.

The trend traveled to America with so many other things European. By 1879, there were already countless varieties of coffee cake recipes in the United States alone.

Crumb Cake

The "crumb cake" gets its name from the crumbly topping of flour, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. The "streusel cake" (pronounced stroi-zuhl) has come to be called so from the German word for "granules" and is distinguished by a swirl of cinnamon and/or brown sugar throughout the center.

Food purists have argued that the term "streusel" actually refers to the crumbly topping and not the swirl, but that doesn’t make the streusel cake or the streusel-crumb combination cake any less delectable than it is!

Despite the centuries lining up, a coffee cake is still a great way to start the morning. It is a light cake and will be easy on your digestion. It is also one of the best dishes to welcome a guest with.

Distinct Taste

Cakes that will go well with your coffee (these can also be had with tea) are quite easy to find at your local grocery store.

If you are confused by the countless varieties of cakes available, this is what you have to keep in mind: since you’re going to pair the cake with a beverage with a strong taste of its own, you have to make sure that the cake itself has a distinct taste. Look for cakes containing fruits, cinnamon, nuts, and/or crumbles.

New coffee cakes recipes are always evolving, so if you are bored with the standard variations already, go for curious combination like cinnamon walnut coffee cake, pumpkin coffee cake, or sour cream pecan coffee cake.

Some of these options may sound completely absurd, but you’ll never know the difference until you’ve tried them out with your favorite cup of coffee!

Fresh And Original

Of course, if you want your own special coffee cake recipe to wow your family and friends, you’ll have to look beyond the readymade offerings and resort to the old-fashioned mixing of ingredients. Coffee cakes are a baker’s delight, with their absolutely mind-blowing texture, moistness, aroma and the practically millions of options they let you experiment with.

Make use of packaged ingredients if you are really short of time and/or patience, but needless to say, fresh and original ingredients will always leave an inimitable impression on your cake. Keep playing with flavors and add-ons until you hit upon your own special recipe – there is practically no restriction. Those wistful sighs and wiped-cleaned plates will never stop coming in!

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