Choosing the Best Coffee Cups

Most of us take our coffee cups for granted; unfortunately this might actually make our morning cup of coffee less satisfactory than it should be. Why is that? Well, these cups should be designed to fit comfortably and stably in the hand, hold heat well and allow for microwave and dishwasher use. They should also be entirely stain resistant and safe for regular use.

Shopping For The Right One...

When shopping for these cups many people tend to just pick those that match their existing tableware, and this does not mean that the best choices were made. Instead, the durability and performance of the cups should come as the first issue and their good looks as the second.

To make the right choice, a shopper should first consider their needs – do they wander their home sipping their coffee? Is a larger mug with a taller profile preferable? Will their cups frequently need to be re-heated?

With these answers, a shopper can begin to determine the size, profile and specifications of the cups they should be looking for. Next, they should consider if the cups will also serve other beverages as well. For instance, will the cups need to function as tea mugs or a cappuccino cups? These are two very distinct sizes and styles, but if someone is considering their budget and cabinet space, it is best to purchase cups that will be able to easily multi-task.


Because hot beverages such as coffee and tea are able to easily stain substances permanently, it is vitally important to consider whether or not these cups are going to resist the dark acids in such beverages. How do you know? Generally, any ceramic, china or porcelain cup is going to eventually succumb to the staining potential of coffee, but if the glaze is stable and well-made it will be able to resist staining for a long time. Examine coffee cups for the quality of their glazing in order to make a good choice.

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