What is a Coffee Enema?

A coffee enema is a method of cleaning and, some claim, detoxifying the bowel. Obviously, what sets this apart from a standard enema is the use of coffee in the mix. The coffee is used because it contains caffeine. As most coffee drinkers know, coffee is a laxative. Quite often, those suffering from constipation will drink a few cups of strong, black coffee—it should be the kind you can “stand a spoon” in—to relieve the symptoms of constipation. The enema method is a more direct approach. This procedure requires that you exercise some common sense.

You need to let your brew sit for at least an hour before you perform a coffee enema. The inside of your bowels are much more sensitive than your skin and you need to make very sure that the coffee is at or around body temperature before you proceed. The coffee, therefore, should be slightly warmer than room temperature when you perform the procedure. You’ll need a home enema kit to do this. You’ll also want to make sure that the type you purchase has a bag sturdy enough to handle coffee that is around body temperature.

The type of coffee in the enema bag really doesn’t matter. There are some people who recommend very black coffee because of the increased amount of coffee oils. Lighter coffee roasts actually have more caffeine and, if you’re principally doing the enema for the caffeine, these will give more of it. Caffeine causes physiological changes, principally changes in tissue, that are believed to be associated with cleansing and detoxification. There are other substances in coffee which are believed to have their own effects on the body, and this treatment is fairly popular in alternative types of medicine.

A coffee enema is generally not overly-uncomfortable for healthy individuals. If you have a serious condition with your bowels, however, you should always consult with a doctor first. If you have recurrent constipation or other problems with your bowel that have not been brought to the attention of a doctor, you should have a checkup before you engage in any type of treatment. Be certain there are no grounds in the coffee you use for your enema. There are certain conditions that may be made worse by enemas and others that may become dangerous if foreign matter is introduced into the bowel and colon.

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