Some Interesting Coffee Facts

Coffee and Health Benefits

When you take some time to look up coffee facts, you’ll find a few very interesting tidbits about the health benefits of consuming coffee. Many people have believed that coffee is not a good thing for everyone to be drinking, but in reality one of the more surprising coffee facts is that a single cup produces enough antioxidants (cancer fighting chemicals) to remain in the body for up to one full month afterward. This means that someone who enjoys a morning “cup of joe” will be filling their body with an unending stream of healthy phytochemicals.

"Cup of Joe" Origin

Another one of the interesting facts is the origin of the phrase used above – for decades people have referred to coffee as a cup of joe. There is much debate about the origins of the phrase, and the two most common explanations are:

• The sound of the phrase Mocha Java is distinctly similar to cup of joe, and is also a description of coffee itself. Many people believe that this is the likely origin; but

• The complete banning of alcohol in the Navy during the early 1900s left the average G.I. Joe with only a cup of coffee for his comfort. Many believe that this is the other viable explanation for coffee becoming a cup of joe.

Other Facts...

Though daily headlines tend to emphasize the price of oil, one generally overlooked fact is that coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity. This includes the huge amount of “fair trade” coffee entering the marketplace and appearing on supermarket shelves and gourmet coffee franchises around the world.

Finally, one of the least known facts has to do with espresso. While people generally think that it has a potent level of caffeine, due to the fact that it is served basically in a shot glass, it realistically has only one-third the caffeine of regular coffee.

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