Coffee Gift Baskets - A Pure Delight For Your Loved Ones

Coffee Gift Baskets

Coffee gift baskets can be a fantastic gift for the coffee drinker in your life. Many coffee drinkers have their favorite blend and drink them regularly.

However, with a gift basket of all varieties of blends, roasts, and flavors, this gives them an opportunity to try other kinds of coffee that they might never think to buy for themselves.

In this day of “instant everything,” we usually get up in the morning to have our coffee already percolating in our coffee maker, set on a timer. A gourmet coffee gift basket requires a little extra effort, but the end result is totally worth it.

Great Ideas

Free Gifts!So, if you want to put together coffee gift baskets for friends, family members, or co-workers, here are some ideas of items you could include.

  • Various gourmet coffee blends (individual packets are nice and handy), don’t forget to include both decaf and instant varieties as well.

  • Creams and spices to add to your cup of coffee.

  • Cookies and pastries, such as biscotti are great for dipping in your coffee.

  • Candies such as bon bons and caramels compliment coffee flavors well.

  • Chocolate stirring spoons.

  • Chocolate covered coffee beans make an awesome, energy-boosting snack. Java pops are another great-tasting, coffee-flavored candy.

Choose The Right Blends

A few things you should keep in mind, when you are selecting coffee blends to put into your gift baskets, are the different types of coffee natives to certain geographical regions.

For example, Caribbean, Central and South American countries (especially Jamaica, Brazil, and Columbia) tend to have more lighter-bodied, sweeter-flavored coffees.

African coffees (such as that from Tanzania and Yemen) tend to be more medium-bodied and wilder-flavored.

Asian-Indonesian coffees (Sumatran) are very stiff and heavy-bodied with hearty, earthy flavors. Knowing what taste your coffee drinker prefers, will help you choose the right blends.

Very Special

If you would like to try a more unusual approach to creating your gift baskets, try some of these ideas.

  • Java logs are manmade fireplace logs consisting mostly of coffee grounds. Talk about a fantastic-smelling fire!

  • Coffee fragranced shampoo. This is actually quite good for your hair in addition to the beautiful aroma.

  • Java love lotion. Perfect if the scent of coffee turns you on.

  • Java necklace—a necklace of roasted coffee beans along with your favorite jewelry stones.

  • Coffee art. You can actually buy paintings that are done entirely with coffee oils.

  • A live coffee tree. If grown indoors, under the right conditions, the tree will actually produce actual coffee cherries.

Part of the beauty of giving gifts, is often getting an individual something that they would not normally buy for themselves. It just makes the gift that much more special.

Coffee gift baskets are an excellent example of this. Just have fun with it, and chances are, your gift recipients will be delighted as well.

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