Your Own Coffee Grinder - A Contributaion To A Perfect Taste

Coffee Grinder

Do you need a coffee grinder at home? Let's try to find out.

When you buy coffee at the store, you cannot control when it was ground or how long it sat there before you came along and bought it.

The answer to that dilemma is to purchase a coffee grinder of your own for home use.

You just need to consider a couple of things in order to decide on the right one.

First, realize that the size of the coffee granules will affect the taste of the finished coffee. To control the size of the granules, there are three types of grinders available. There are burr grinders, blade grinders and crushers. Each has its own characteristics.


The crusher type is the most rudimentary and is like the old mortar and pestle. All this does is manually crush the beans and can be difficult to do in the early morning when you aren’t exactly wide awake yet. It also takes time and adds a step to your coffee making routine.

The grounds produced are shaped irregularly and aren’t much good for anything except the basic drip type pot. Crushers should be avoided if possible.

Blade grinders

Next, we have blade type grinders. Blade grinders have a sharp blade that spins very fast and simply slices the beans into smaller pieces on each pass.

These are better than crushers but still produce an inconsistent and poorly shaped coffee ground. Again, these grounds are not suitable for cappuccino makers or other machines. Only the basic drip type pot is recommended.

Burr Grinders

The best type of coffee grinder you can invest in is a burr grinder. These have two cone shaped plates that are driven by a small motor.

The result is a consistently shaped, exquisite coffee ground. You should be able to adjust the speed of the motor.

You are probably wondering why we talk about the size and shape of the granules so much. The answer is that with irregularly shaped grounds, the flavor oils are diffused differently in the brewing process. Crushing and slicing create heat that releases the aroma long before you even start to brew the coffee.

Burr grinders eliminate this problem completely and give you total control over the quality of your coffee grounds. A variable speed motor reduces heat which keeps the aroma in the bean until brewing begins. The consistent shape of the grounds releases the flavor into the coffee evenly and smoothly.

Also, a smaller, consistent grind is necessary with specialty coffees like Turkish coffees and cappuccino makers.

An added possibility is to find a grinder that has a timer that grinds your coffee just before you get up in the morning. This is convenient and ensures your coffee will be the freshest anywhere.

Before you buy any grinder, do a little homework and compare some both online and in the store. Remember that an educated consumer is a happy consumer.

Happy grinding!

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