The Popularity of Coffee Pods

Before the invention of coffee pods, making a morning cup of coffee used to be a somewhat wasteful experience for some people. This was due to the fact that they had to brew four or five cups of coffee, but only actually needed one. Their coffee maker just didn’t produce a good cup of coffee when it was asked to make less than a measurable amount of the popular beverage.

This did not mean the coffee maker was inferior, but that the heat settings and capacity of the machine didn’t work well with such a tiny amount of ground beans and water. Once these pods appeared, however, a perfect mug of coffee was easily obtainable. This is because the coffee making machines designed for these specialty pods are made specifically to brew only one mug of coffee.

Interestingly, the original systems using these pods each offered their own designs which had to be used by the owner of the machine. For example, one manufacturer marketed large round pods that did not work in another company’s oval-shaped equipment.

Because this was something of a negative issue with consumers, many began making “universal” designs, and today there are several models of coffee machines that can use any of the pods from a grocery store shelf. There are also machines with “dual” chambers, meaning that two perfect cups of coffee can be brewed just as quickly and easily as one.

The coffee makers using these pods are also able to create more than just “traditional” blends. For example, there are now espresso pods as well as tea pods too. Most of the equipment holds the pod in a special chamber which forces the water through and into the surrounding holder or the mug below. The machines are one of the most popular small home appliances, and grocery and specialty store shelves provide shoppers with a huge array of options for brewing.

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