Coffee recipes - Special Coffee

by Farhad Zafari

Coffee Recipes - Special Coffee

Coffee Recipes - Special Coffee

Hot Chocolate Coffee

Put 2 packets of hot choc in your travel mug.

Fill halfway up with hot coffee

Fill a quarter of the rest of the way up with cream

Top with whipped cream... mix and enjoy!!

Cafe Speciale

4 teaspoons chocolate syrup
1/2 cup heavy cream
3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon sugar
1-1/2 cups extra-strength hot coffee

Put 1 teaspoon chocolate syrup into each of 4 small cups. Combine cream, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar. Whip. Stir remaining 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon into hot coffee. Pour coffee into cups. Stir to blend with syrup. Top with whipped cream.

Serves 4

Mit Schlag (with Whipped Cream)

Brew a rich , strong cup of coffee.Top with a generous portion of whipped cream. Garnish with chocolate shavings or cinnamon sticks.

Serves 1

Mocha Mint

1 cup cold coffee
1 pint chocolate ice cream
1/4 cup creme de menthe
Very thin chocolate-mint wafers

Combine coffee, ice cream, and creme de menthe in blender container. Blend on low speed. Spoon into sherbet or wine glasses, and garnish each serving with a chocolate mint wafer.

Serves 4.

Coffee Glace

1/2 cup extra-strength cold coffee
1 cup light cream
3 egg yolks
6 tablespoons granulated sugar
4 tablespoons whipped cream

Combine egg yolks and granulated sugar; beat until frothy, combine coffee and light cream, and whip the mixture until smooth. Add coffee mixture to the sugar mixture, and pour into ice cube tray. Chill until thickened to sherbet consistency. Serve in metal goblets, and garnish with whipped cream.

Serves 4.

Mocha Frosteds

1 cup freshly brewed coffee
6 tablespoons chocolate syrup
1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened
1 cup prepared cold coffee

Place hot coffee and chocolate syrup in blender container. Blend until smooth. Cool to room temperature. Pour into a medium bowl. Add softened, ice cream and cold coffee. With rotary beater, beat until smooth. Spoon into tall glasses, and serve immediately.

Serves 4

Coffee alla Choccolata

To one cup freshly brewed coffee, add 1 ounce Chocolate Mint Liqueur. Top with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Serves 1.

Iced Cappuccino

A single or double shot of espresso over crushed ice with 1 to 2 oz. of cold milk and milk froth.

Spirited Delights

Nonalcoholic flavorings can be substituted for alcoholic ingredients.

Sassy Sodas

1 pint chocolate ice cream
2 tablespoons finely ground coffee
1/2 cup light rum
4 to 6 scoops vanilla ice cream
instant coffee powder

Spoon coffee and ice cream into blender container, add rum and coffee that has been finely ground to a powdery texture. Blend on high speed until creamy smooth. Pour into tall glasses, adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to each glass. Sprinkle lightly with instant coffee powder. Serve with long-handled spoons and soda straws.

Serves 4-6

Coffee Frappe

1/2 cup extra-strength cold coffee
1 cup light rum
3 egg yolks
6 tablespoons granulated sugar
4 tablespoons whipped cream

Combine egg yolks and granulated sugar. Beat until frothy. Combine coffee and rum and add to sugar mixture, blending well. Pour into ice cube tray and allow to set.. Serve in metal goblets, and garnish with whipped cream.

Serves 4

Vermont Coffee

In a large mug combine:
1 ounce half and half or light cream
1 ounce maple syrup
2 ounces dark rum
6 ounces hot coffee of your choice

Molasses and Cream Coffee

1/2 cup Coffee with Chicory
1 cup Hot fresh coffee of your choice
1 tsp. Molasses ( or brown sugar )
1/8 cup Fresh light cream

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