Coffee Roasters - The Ultimate In Coffee Freshness

Coffee Roaster

Why is it important to know a little about coffee roasters? People who take their coffee seriously, know that roasting their own beans is the ultimate in coffee freshness.

Fortunately, roasters are no longer enormous machines used by “professionals” and can be purchased for home use.

Finding the best roaster for you will take a little research, but once you figure out what you want, you’ll enjoy your coffee experience even more, because of it!

Methods Of Roasting

There are two methods for roasting coffee beans. One is drum roasting. In this method, beans are essentially roasted in a saucepan that has a tightly-sealing lid and a sturdy handle that stirs the beans as they’re roasted. This keeps the beans on the bottom from getting burned during the process.

The other method is the air roasting method. The beans are poured and circulated with hot air. The hot air used in these types of coffee roasters, keeps the beans moving, which keeps them from burning and helps them roast evenly.

How To Buy A Good Roaster

With these types of roasting in mind, there are a few things you need to know about roasting coffee beans before you run out and buy a roaster for yourself.

1. Temperature is the most important factor in roasting. The temperature should stay constant when you’re roasting. To adjust the roast (light to dark) for different flavors, you adjust the time you roast the beans. So when you look for a home roaster, make sure you look for one that can help you keep that perfect temperature as you roast.

2.The next thing you need to consider is how much effort you want to put into the roasting. Coffee roasters vary in how much you do and how much is done for you.

Some will do all the work for you; all you do is pour in the beans, set the dials to your desired roast and after a few minutes, you have freshly roasted beans.

Other roasters require you to maintain the temperature, do the stirring and watch the clock while you roast, letting you find the perfect roast for you. But it does take practice to get what you want with these roasters.

Once you decide which kind of roasting you want to do—drum or air roasting—and how much involvement you want in the process, you can start looking at what’s available for you to bring home.

3. As with any appliance, coffee roasters vary in quality and price range. Take the time to look at your options. Get the best roaster you can that has the qualities you want and is in your price range.

Coffee is a very personal thing and you don’t want to rush into a roaster only to get it home and find out it isn’t giving you the roasted beans you want. Once you find that perfect roaster, though, you’ll be the envy of your friends and neighbors. The smell of freshly roasted beans will be enough to make your kitchen the place to be!

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