Choosing a Good Coffee Syrup

Coffee syrup comes in a variety of flavors. There are a few, however, that are consistently the most popular. Vanilla is among those popular syrups. Vanilla makes and excellent complimentary flavor to lattes and other espresso drinks. Another popular flavor is hazelnut. This is a bitter flavor that adds a bit of bite to the coffee. It is very popular in drip-style coffee, where it adds a bit of body to what is sometimes a watery drink, at least relative to latte. Cherry is also popular, as are a host of other flavorings.

Coffee syrup is generally dispensed from bottles with shot dispensers: the same type that is used in a bar. You’ll find, in fact, that coffee—at least at the most artistic levels—uses many of the same techniques as does drink mixing. The elements have to be added in the correct order and the beverage has to be created in the correct proportions. Coffee syrups are generally very sweet, so moderation is much more a concern than anything else when you’re preparing these beverages. Whether you’re serving espresso drinks or good old fashioned drip coffee, remember to use these flavoring sparingly. You still want to be able to taste the coffee!

Coffee is far more than a cup of Joe. There are almost infinite ways that this beverage can be prepared and, depending upon your tastes, its flavor can be altered to be sweeter, bolder or most anything else. The entire process starts, however, with a properly-brewed and high-quality cup of coffee. Just as refrigeration will not make a lousy beer taste like a German masterpiece, a bit of syrup will not make a lousy cup of coffee anything except, of course, a lousy cup of coffee with a few interesting flavor notes.

Remember that, while syrup can be expensive, a bottle will probably last you a long time. It’s not likely that you’re going to want every latte to be a vanilla latte and, combined with the fact that it takes little syrup to flavor the coffee to begin with, you’ll find that a bottle of syrup goes a very long way. Add your syrup after your coffee beverage is finished and ready to drink. You generally don’t have to mix these syrups into the coffee too much, which helps maintain the proper layering of milk and foam in espresso drinks.

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