Coffee Tables - An Indispensable Piece Of Furniture For Your Living Room

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables have long been a central part of family living. Children do homework on them, snacks are served on them, games are played on them and books and magazines are placed upon them for easy reading.

But have you wondered how this piece of furniture got its name?

Because this is a long low table usually placed in front of the couch, it has always been an ideal place for serving beverages.

The very first ones were made in Europe during the Victorian era. The name stuck, as did this important piece of furniture.

These tables come in a variety of styles that can easily incorporate into any living room design. They can complete a seating area by creating a cozy conversation center. Couches and chairs are usually centered around them for this purpose.

They can also be used for decoration. Vases of fresh flowers or a treasured photo album can make beautiful accents. Just be careful not to knock anything off, if you decide to prop your feet up!

A Good Match

Free Gifts!A coffee table can be found to match whatever your decorating style may be. For example, if your style is minimalist, then a sleek, contemporary table would work well.

If you like Victorian antiques, then an ornately designed table would look great.

If your living room is in soft pastels, then stick with a lighter wood grain that will blend well.

You can find such a table in any wood or color or design to match your living room.

A variation of the coffee table is the end table. This is used when there isn’t place in the center of the room.

An end table is placed beside a sofa or chair and is a great place for a reading lamp or additional décor.

Such tables can serve as great places for storage. Many of them have cabinets, drawers, or shelves beneath them. This makes a great place to store photo albums, books, or even a throw for those chilly evenings.

If your home is low on storage space, then consider using an antique trunk. This would make a great place to store your linens and free up closet space that is needed for other things.


There are a few things to remember when purchasing a coffee table:

  • Where is it going to go? How much space will you have for it? Measurements are helpful.

  • How much do you want to spend? There are tables to fit ALL budgets.

  • What style are you looking for? Will the one you choose compliment your living room?

  • Do you need one with extra storage space?

This indispensable piece of furniture has a family’s history ingrained into the wood. Each scratch or chip will mark a memory. Your children may learn to walk gripping its edges.

Make your selection carefully, knowing that this table will be at the hub of your family for years to come.

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