Why Espresso Coffee Is Different

espresso coffee

The essence of an espresso coffee lies in its making. Not only does the highest quality espresso require the best ground beans available, but it also requires the perfect blend, temperature, pressure, and timing.

So if you want that perfect cup, then the secret is to always ensure that the right temperature water is passed through the coffee at a desired pressure.

The main fact of difference between espresso and other blends of coffee, lies in the nature of the beans used and its preparation method. It is in fact the roasting process that the beans undergo that gives the concentrate its dark and oily appearance.

It is also the degree to which the quality of the ground beans is fine and the duration allotted to brewing that determines the quality as differing from normal coffee. In an espresso, the brewing time is significantly cut down by passing hot water under high pressure, through the concentrate.

It is, therefore, the fine taste and the quality of the espresso that has severely increased its consumption and demand. Just notice the demand in the market of espresso machines, despite their costs.

Where It Is Drunk

It is significant to trace how popular this kind of coffee is amongst the coffee appreciating sections of society. Espresso accounts for the main type of coffee consumed almost in all parts of Europe, especially the south, comprising Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.

Espresso coffee is also popular in many other countries like Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, and many parts of the American and the Australian continent. In fact, it is the most consumed drink in the café’s of Australia and New Zealand.

A Little Espresso Coffee History

The history behind the rise of espresso in America can be traced back to the arrival of the Cuban refugees to the continent. Though limited to the Cuban community, the love for this coffee started spreading in the 90’s when chains like Starbucks, Dunn Bros Coffee, Caribou Coffee and Seattle’s Best Coffee started customizing and popularizing the espresso with flavors, toppings, and spices.

It is therefore a newly emerging trend to take it as a regular favored drink, even where till a couple of years back, American coffee was the only popular drink. Now you can see small espresso shops at street corners selling it to cater to the mass choice. Even offices have started keeping espresso machines, of which the employees have full access.

It is its popularity that has also helped it now penetrate homes through home espresso machines. It is especially the rise of the internet that has coincided with the rise of the popularity of the espresso coffee. Now since with the internet, anyone can get access to the brewing secrets and techniques, more and more people are opting for this over normal coffee.

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