Espresso Cups For Your Espresso Serving Set

Espresso Cups

Sipping a great espresso out of beautiful, delicate, espresso cups... There’s nothing better that sets the mood of gourmet coffee.

If you make your coffee and espresso at home, the cups you use are just as important as the beans you grind to brew it.

But before you rush to the nearest coffee supply shop, you need to know a little about what you need and what will be the best for your “at-home” espresso needs.

Generally, the cups used for espresso are made of porcelain and hold two to three ounces of espresso, making them perfect for those who drink their espresso straight. If you prefer to add a little sugar or a dab of steamed milk, you may want to look into getting slightly larger cups.

The growing popularity of gourmet coffee means a greater availability and variety of espresso cups. You can get plain or decorated cups, and in nearly every budget range.

And while most cups are still made of porcelain and usually white, the growing popularity of gourmet coffee has created more contemporary-looking cups, that mirror the six to eight ounce coffee cups, most people are familiar with buying for their home kitchens.

In addition to porcelain, cups can be found in sterling silver, stainless steel and china. They can be found in plain white, black, with modern designs or intricately painted to call to mind ornate, English tea sets of the Victorians.

How To Choose A Good One?

So with all these great choices, how do you decide what’s best for you? This takes a little research and shopping around, but is well worth it in the end.

Your espresso cups need to be high quality, above anything else. This doesn’t always mean the most expensive, but you should take the same care in selecting your set as you would in selecting a set of china or crystal. Don’t assume that because a set looks good, means it’s a quality set. Take the time to look at what’s available in your price range to find the highest quality set you can.

Some sets can be found for under fifty dollars, while others are several hundred. Consider your budget, and go for the best you can within that range.

Something else you can consider in your purchase, is saucers for the cups. Many sets include saucers, but if not, you may want to consider adding them. Many espresso cups are filled to the top with a shot of espresso and saucers help keep your tablecloth (or lap) clean, in case there’s a little spill.

Demitasse spoons are also available, which work well for those who like to add a little sugar or cream to their espresso and complete the look when serving espresso to guests.

Like your cups, saucers and spoons vary in style and price range. Do your research with these accessories, as well, and if you choose to purchase saucers or demitasse spoons, make sure they match your cups!

When you serve espresso at home, you want to make sure you have all the supplies you need to enjoy your espresso the most you can. One way to do that, is to buy excellent espresso cups, to complete your espresso serving set.

There’s nothing like sitting and talking with friends, while sipping espresso. So make sure you have great cups to go with your great espresso!

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