Espresso Machines - Steam Or Pump?

espresso machines

Espresso machines are available in many varieties. There is the simple candle driven one and then there are those which have dual thermostat and multiple chambers.

These technologically advanced machines are what we see in the coffee shops these days.

Don’t let the technological jargon scare you, for espresso making machines are basically of two kinds. One is driven by steam and the other by pump.

Steam Machines

The simplest kind are the steam machines. In this machine, which works by pressure, there is a water pot that lies underneath where the water boils. This is where the steam is formed, which gushes its way through the coffee grounds and into the coffee mug.

There are two types of steam espresso machines - the stovetop and the electronic. Both are the same, other than the fact, that in the stovetop version, the heat is generated by the stove, whereas in the electronic version, the water is heated with the help of an electric coil.

Pump Machines

The pump machine does not wait for the water to turn into steam. It pumps the water through the coffee at a relatively cooler temperature. According to coffee experts, they produce better coffee than the steam espresso machine, provided that it is used in the correct way.

Pump machines come in wide varieties. The electronic one is what the coffee houses use. These are very accurate since you can set the temperature to your own liking.

There is also the pump machine with its manual levers. This machine is very difficult to use, so do not incist in it unless you are an expert.

For the amateur, the automatic pump, which grinds the coffee, tamps and pumps all on its own, is the best choice.

How To Use Your Machine

After you have bought your coffee machine, you must remember to clean it everyday after use. If you neglect this task, the old bits will become stale and the coffee you make will begin to taste horrible.

The espresso machine shoots water at 90 degree Celsius temperature and grinds the coffee. The reduced oil are removed and used to create a syrupy liquid. Ideally such a machine is supposed to produce two shots of espresso in twenty seconds.

When you are making espresso, make sure that you roast the coffee beans very lightly. If the roasting is not done carefully, the rich aroma of the coffee and the sugar content will be lost. Badly roasted beans will produce a coffee that will taste like charcoal.

What is most important in making a good espresso is to make sure that a great blend is used. The coffees must be specially blended to be smooth and rich. The blend has to be freshly ground and brewed within four days from roasting.

There are several espresso machines to choose from including steam, pump, stovetop, automatic, and super-automatic and so on. You do not have to spend too much time in maintaining the machine, especially if your machine has a built in water tank. These machines save your plumbing costs and you can move your machine wherever you want to.

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