The Benefits of Espresso Pods

Is espresso pods for you? Find out here! There are all kinds of official and unofficial theories about making a perfect cup of espresso coffee. Some argue that a Moka pot on top of a stove creates the best results, and many more insist the electric espresso makers yield optimal beverages. Quite often people debate about the water to coffee ratio or the proper way to “tamp” the grounds into the filter. Now, there is an almost fool proof way to create flawless cups or pots of espresso, and it comes with little to no measuring and is incredibly easy to clean up as well.

This is the espresso pods approach to brewing up hot and potent drinks, and they are available for a wide array of machines. Espresso pods are exactly what they sound like – small packets of pre-measured and tamped espresso coffee grounds that are intended to be used in compatible machines. They are made by a number of different coffee specialty companies, but they all share a few characteristics. Most are made with premium blends ideally suited for espresso drinking or for beverages made with espresso as their base. They are all ground specifically for espresso brewers and machines, and wrapped in filter papers that will not impact the flavor or quality of the drink.

In addition to their remarkable convenience and the guaranteed quality of the espresso due to its packaging, another benefit to using them is their high level of consistency where every single cup or pot is concerned. A cook could make three or four pots in a row, and each single sip would taste as perfect as all of the previous brewing.

Once a cook makes a single serving of traditional espresso they usually have a small mess to handle thanks to the fine coffee grounds that have to be dealt with. The machine clean up can also be a problem if loose grounds flow through the various tubes and seals as well. The pods entirely eliminate any of the mess because they are sealed packets that prevent the grounds from making any sort of spills.

There are some limitations where these pods are concerned, however, and the primary one is the fact that they must be used only with the machines for which they were designed. Currently, a consumer could find many cross-machine compatible pods, but it is vitally important to make sure that any choice will work with the machine in a home or business to ensure safety. (Remember that most espresso and cappuccino machines work under serious pressure and if a seal is not aligned due to a misshapen pod it could cause damage or even injury.)

Because espresso brewing can often be just as much art as science the espresso pods can remove a lot of the difficult parts of the process. For example, by eliminating most of the measuring, clean up, and prep time, a cook could create all kinds of hot or cold drinks with consistent results. They could also know that the controlled environment in which their espresso pods are packaged could greatly prolong the shelf life of their coffee supply.

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