French Vanilla Cappuccino

What's all the hype?

French vanilla cappuccino and it's flavors is so common now, that you'll be able to find it at any convenience store, coffee shop, fast food restaurant and even your local grocery store’s coffee and tea aisle. You’ll even find cakes, ice creams and cookies in this popular variety as well.

What is it? It is one of the many popular espresso-based coffee drinks that are served either hot or cold in a number of ways. For example, a diner might enjoy a tall mug of this delicious cappuccino as an after dinner drink or dessert. This could be an icy, frothy drink that is almost like a very “grown up” milkshake. They might also take a quick drive through their favorite fast food restaurant and get a hot cup of this delicious cappuccino with their morning bagel, muffins or donut as well.

Here's a simple recipe...

Each day, millions of coffee house baristas whip up cups of this popular beverage, and here's a simple recipe that follows:

The most important part of creating a good cup is to froth the milk. Once someone has perfected their technique, they’ll be able to match the best barista’s results. The milk must be 2% or higher because the thicker it is, the better the foaming and steaming. It takes roughly ten ounces of milk to make a good cup of cappuccino. This is foamed to the same thickness as shaving cream. Next pour one-half ounce each of vanilla and hazelnut syrups into the bottom of a cappuccino mug. Next add the two shots of espresso, and dilute this with the steamed milk. Remember to hold the foam back with a spoon while the hot milk passes beneath it into the mug of coffee and syrup. Give this one stir and a cautious sip. You have just created a perfect cappuccino.

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