Making A Frozen Cappuccino Drink

All About Frozen Cappuccino

If you spent a leisurely afternoon visiting different coffee houses, fast food restaurants, and even bakeries and cafes it is quite likely that you would find a frozen cappuccino offered on almost every menu. This is because the cool and creamy drink has become one of the most popular items offered by restaurants and cafes around the world.

Some varieties of this beverage will include espresso, cream, ice and other flavorings, such as fruit or nut flavored syrups. Some will be more of a dessert-like food that can be enjoyed at any time of day. For instance, many fast-food restaurants and bakeries serve this type of drink along with a muffin or other baked good as a “combination” purchase.

Of course, many restaurants offer this type of cappuccino as an alcoholic beverage for adults to enjoy as a special treat. Here's an “adults only” recipe that follows:

Adults-Only Cappuccino...Frozen Of Course

Serves 4

4 tbsp. Irish cream

4 tbsp. coffee liqueur

4 tbsp. hazelnut liqueur

Vanilla ice cream


½ cup crushed ice cubes

Simple syrup

Cinnamon and sugar mixture

In the carafe of a standard blender combine the alcoholic beverages and the crushed ice. Pulse or blend this until it is completely smooth. Add from four to six scoops of ice cream along with a splash of the cream and continue to pulse and blend until smooth. Pour the simple syrup into a pie plate or rimmed dish, and do the same with the cinnamon and sugar mixture as well. Dip the rims of the serving glasses first into the simple syrup and then into the cinnamon and sugar mixture. Distribute the cappuccino mixture evenly between the glasses, garnish with a cinnamon stick and serve. Some people find that eliminating the cinnamon and sugar coating and serving with a straw makes the beverage easier to drink.

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