Choosing Green Mountain Coffee

Unlike the bulk of the other familiar coffee company names, Green Mountain Coffee has been around only since 1981, and was one of the first coffee companies to recognize the public demand for high-quality and fresh roasted coffees.

Today they are a well-known provider of signature blends, seasonal roasts, Fair Trade and organic products, the “Newman’s Own” coffees, and specialty “K-Cup” or single brew packets. A visit to many New England area grocery stores would reveal dozens of the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters flavored coffees as beans or ground blends, and most are available as decaffeinated versions too.

Interestingly, as time has passed and the company has grown they have taken on more of their own manufacturing and processing activities rather than transferring them to other outside providers. Recently they opened a new manufacturing and roasting plant in Washington State and they continue to expand their line of unique coffees and beverages too.

Something of interest to any fan of brewed beverages should be their unique K-Cups offerings that include both tea and coffee. These require the use of the special Keurig machines, and they create coffeehouse brews in the home or office environment. They take from thirty seconds to three minutes to brew a full-sized and single serving of the desired beverage, and most have variable cup sizes that range from four to twelve ounces each. One of the best features is that they utilize the individually packaged Green Mountain K-Cup packets.

These come as hot cocoa, different teas, and dozens of flavored coffees. These can be used in any order and the machine will still be able to provide a flawless result. For example, a home or office machine could have a single cup of “Breakfast Blend” brewed and then immediately afterward someone else could use the machine to make a quick cup of green tea as well. This means that it is an ideal solution for any environment because it is remarkably flexible, and this flexibility is exploited to its greatest limits through the huge array of Green Mountain Coffee products made available for its use.

There are also many iced tea blends made to be used with this same machine, and the Green Mountain K-Cups can be used to quickly whip up a cup of icy cold peach, raspberry, lemon or black tea too.

Another major area of their product line is the Fair Trade coffees that they sell and these come from all areas of the world and promise a premium experience with each cup brewed. A consumer can purchase an organic Mexican blend, a Kenyan Cooperative bean, a Sumatran Reserve, or a host of other flavors and roasts. Some are available for the K-Cups users too.

Any true fan of unique and delicious coffees will want to investigate the many offerings of the increasingly popular Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

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