History of Coffee - Not The Average Beverage...

history of coffee

The history of coffee is one that goes back quite a ways!

For many people, coffee begins and ends with their coffeemaker and their mug first thing in the morning, but the truth is that coffee has a history that spans a great deal of time and space.

It All Started In Ethiopia

There are some theories that state that the practice of drinking coffee began in Ethiopia, but ancient Ethiopian coffee would be hard to recognize as the liquid that we consume so often.

Ethiopian coffee beans were not ground or even diluted in water; instead, they were wrapped in animal fat and eaten whole as a meal! This doesn't change the fact that Ethiopian coffee is today considered some of the best in the world.

Ethiopian coffee beans were exported to Yemen hundreds of years ago, introducing it to the Muslim world, where it was forbidden by shorthand holy men. The fight about the use of coffee beans went back and forth for quite some time, and in Egypt, coffeehouses and warehouses that contained coffee beans could be confiscated or destroyed.

People in Turkey began to grind the beans and to drink coffee as a beverage a little later, and it was quite an expensive habit. In fact, coffee beans were considered so special and so valuable that they were illegal to export and were only circulated in the country of Turkey.

Coffee Comes To England

During the late part of the 1500s coffee came to England, and the first coffeehouse in England was opened in Cornhill by the servant of a man who traded in Turkish goods.

The coffeehouses spread rapidly, and about a century later, there were more than 3000 coffeehouses in England alone.

The position of women regarding coffee was one that seemed to change depending on where you were.

German women were allowed in coffeehouses, while English women were banned from them. There was also an interesting debate on coffee as used as medicinal beverage, and some people believed that coffee could be used for better stomach health.

Coffee In America

Coffee was introduced to America through France's colonization of Martinique and the other colonies of the West Indies; this is where many of the French coffee plantations were located. Around 1727, the first coffee plantation opened in Brazil, when a lieutenant-colonel in the army smuggled some beans out of French Guiana.

Coffee began mass production in Brazil, turning it into a drink for everyone and not just to the people who could afford the formerly prohibitive prices.

Take a look at some of the history of coffee and you will find that you will enjoy your drink that much more!

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