Learning How to Make Coffee

Most people learn how to make coffee by using a regular electric coffee pot. This means they measure ground coffee into a filter, pour water into a reservoir and wait for the brewing process to be completed. Making good coffee, however, takes a bit more than this.

Its In The Ingredients

When someone is really interested in learning to make coffee the best way possible, they will quickly discover that it is all about the ingredients. For instance, true coffee enthusiasts will always tell people to avoid tap water when making coffee – especially if it is from a public source. This is because the additives, like chlorine, can often alter the flavor of the coffee.

Additionally, another key for learning to make coffee properly is understanding the value of freshly ground beans versus a can of ground coffee. While a can of coffee from a supermarket shelf will usually produce a good and flavorful cup of coffee, freshly grinding the beans and brewing a pot of coffee right away is always going to create superior results. This is due to the nature of coffee and the natural oils and acids in the beans.


Of course it is important to know that storing the unground coffee properly is also part of learning how to how to make coffee that is delicious and flavorful as well. Storage should always occur in a dry and dark location, and the coffee should be kept in an air-tight container whenever possible.


Finally, to make a great pot or cup of coffee, it requires accurate measuring and knowledge about the results of the water to coffee ratio. This means that some experimentation is going to be required where an electric coffee maker is concerned. For example, if someone likes their coffee to be very strong they are going to have to figure out how much coffee and how much water will deliver the type of results they want.

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