How To Make Espresso

how to make espresso

While you are on your way to learn how to make espresso, you should remember, that the espresso is first a method of brewing coffee, secondly its coffee produced by the brewing method and thirdly it is a style of serving that coffee.

Based on the milk, volume, additional flavors like lemon peel or alcoholic spirit, you can get an espresso romano or espresso corretto aside an espresso normale.

This article is mainly aimed at telling you the secrets of making a cuppa of premium quality espresso normale.

Arabica Coffee Beans

The first question that occurs to us is the quality of the coffee powder. You should obviously opt for the superior Arabica coffee beans over the Robusta ones. But if you are buying powdered espresso coffee instead of grinding it on your own, you are recommended to go for very finely grounded roasted variety.

When buying beans, keep your eyes open for fresh ones, black in color and with a strong aroma. Your choice of the bean will greatly determine the strength and body of your espresso. Take along an espresso enthusiast if you can't trust yourself with choosing the good ones from the bad beans.

Even though Giovanni Achille Gaggia's revolutionary improvisation on the espresso machine in 1948 worked wonders, still with the variety of commercial and domestic machines available today, one is left completely clueless. It is wiser to opt for stainless steel versions which come with good quality wooden handles, heat proof lids and long lasting rubber washers.

The Key To A Good Espresso

A well-functioning espresso machine will brew that perfect cup of 40 ml of coffee within 15-20 seconds. The appearance of cream on the surface is a good determinant of whether your machine is right or not.

The key to a good espresso machine is a mix of fine-tuning of the machine's pressure by the manufacturer, the skills of the roaster and blender, and the careful grinding and brewing of the barista.

How to make espresso when you are sure about the water quality and temperature? Most coffee experts agree that fresh, filtered, cold water with a presumably higher content of oxygen makes the best espresso.

Specifically water that is heated to around 197-205F is ideal for extracting the true flavor of the coffee.

What Comes Next?

Once you get all the espresso ingredients into place, you should do the following:

  • Fill the lower chamber of the espresso pot with water up to the safety valve level.
  • While filling the filter funnel basket with coffee, use the bottom edge of the spoon to eliminate any possible air pockets in the coffee, any gaps around the rim of the basket.
  • Place the espresso pot on a low to medium heat. Once the steam starts to push the remainder of the water, reduce the heat to very low or else the coffee will become acidic and thin.
  • When most of the water has left the water chamber, the bubbling sound will become more and more intermittent, and it's very important to remove the pot from the heat at this time.

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