Lip-Smacking Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish Coffee Recipe

The Irish coffee recipe was invented by a chef named Joseph Sheridan. The coffee was initially given to travelers’ way back in the twentieth century to warm them up.

Coffee has been around for ages, but who wants plain regular coffee, when you can jazz up your drink with lip-smacking Irish coffee recipes. As you must already be aware, the Irish really know how to party. It came as no surprise to anyone, that they added liquor, to add a little twist to plain old regular black coffee.

From the time of this invention, there have been many twists to the original recipe, but even now, most of them are made from whiskey.

American Irish coffee contains a splash of popular Bourbon whiskey or another favorite Jack Daniels.

Another way to make Irish coffee is to use Bailey’s Irish Cream, which is comparatively cheaper than most whiskeys. There are many companies that offer Irish cream to be added to the coffee. All you need is a drop of the good stuff, mixed with regular coffee.

Irish coffee recipes have made their way to the menus of pubs across the world. You can get Irish coffee in almost any bar, due to the Bailey’s version of the drink. However, there is a major difference between the whiskey and Bailey version. If you want to go for a smoother version, the Bailey’s version shall suit you better than the former.

Original Irish Coffee

Original Irish coffee is a cocktail consisting of hot black coffee, sugar and of course, Irish whiskey, topped with thick cream, presented in a traditional Irish coffee mug. The original recipe uses cream that has not been whipped, although nowadays, whipped cream is often used in the preparation of Irish coffee.

To make some Irish coffee, all you need to do is gather the necessary ingredients and follow the simple instructions below:

You will need:

  • granulated sugar (Demarara sugar is best)
  • Irish whiskey (Paddy, Jamersons or any other spirit of your choice)
  • a pot of coffee and double cream (preferably heavy

Put one spoon of sugar at the bottom of the glass and add a measure of the whiskey.

Pour in black coffee. Remember to pour over the back of a spoon to avoid the glass from cracking.

Stir and pour in some heavy cream over the back of the spoon to lie on top of the coffee.

Make sure that the spoon is cool or you may even use a fresh spoon. Stir it a little, but remember not to whip.

You can even make desserts with the help of Irish coffee recipes, if you want to push the envelope further. You can also try to experiment with recipes yourself; you may be amazed at the results. So go ahead and serve up that Irish coffee after dinner, for that elegant, yet, lavish feel, to make your guests feel doubly special.

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