Enjoying Italian Coffee

There are some countries known for growing coffee and others known for drinking it, and Italian coffee is, perhaps, among the most famous of the drinking types. Espresso, cappuccino, caffe corretto, and so many other names spring to mind when thinking about this coffee.

Generally, this coffee will include a large number of potent brews that are served in small cups or diluted with a variety of sweeteners and steamed milk. For example the ever popular caffe macchiato (stained coffee) is a shot of espresso stained by a bit of steamed milk and cocoa powder. Alternately, the worldwide favorite cappuccino is a lovely blend of espresso and steamed milk that is improved with a shake of cinnamon or cocoa as well.

The thing about this coffee beverage is that the base – the actual coffee – must be made properly in order for the beverage to turn out correctly. For example, the Italians are always debating the merits of the many different types of espresso pots and machines. There are stovetop “tazza”, electric espresso machines, pump driven machines and the moka pot that began appearing as early as the 1930s.

Whichever method is selected, the final result really depends entirely on the quality of the coffee used to make the drink. For any espresso drink, an espresso roasted bean that is finely ground is the optimal way to brew this type of coffee.

Oddly enough, when drinking this type of coffee in a restaurant or café it is important to know exactly what is being ordered. Many foreign travelers are unaware of the way to get the type of coffee they desire. There is “Americano” which is actually a weaker version of espresso and nothing like the standard “cup of joe”. There is ristretto which is actually espresso made with less water, and therefore with more potency, and then there is the caffe latte which is an Italian coffee consisting of espresso and a great deal of hot, steamed milk.

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