Kona Coffee - An Exotic Mix That Thrills Your Senses

kona coffee

Kona coffee is Hawai'i’s gift to the coffee lovers of the world! It is probably the planet’s most expensive and the most sought after varieties of coffee.

It is grown on the slopes of Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa, in the north and south Kona Districts on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Technically, only the coffee from this district can be called Kona coffee.

The climatic conditions in the region are ideal for the lush growth of coffee—bright sun in the mornings, a lot of rain in the afternoon and moderate temperatures and humidity at nights.

This type of coffee is considered to be premium in taste and purity and is grown only in the above-mentioned region. The reason for this is that the kind of temperature that the coffee requires to grow is available only here.

At the time of harvest, the coffee beans are plucked by hand to ensure maximum quality. The fruit/berry of the coffee plant becomes bright red as it ripens. Then it is plucked and the outer shell is removed. The fruits are then segregated according to their size and quality in a special machine. The bigger the beans the more expensive they will be, as they are supposed to be more palatable.

Once the categorization is done, the beans are roasted and packaged and then they are ready to be exported to different parts of the world.

What Kona Means

Kona literally means "on the dry side of land". This coffee thus is grown on the dry side of the Big Island. This island is the biggest of all the islands of Hawai'i and its official name is Hawai'i. The location of the island and its climatic conditions make it the ideal home of the world’s best and most favorite coffee.

A lot of things work together for the lush growth of the coffee plantations.

The islands of Hawai'i are located on the slopes of erstwhile volcanoes, which provide ideal soil and weather for coffee growth.

Besides this, humidity, rain, and temperatures are perfect too.

Located in the tropical belt, Hawai'i enjoys slightly balmy mornings with ample sunshine.

By the afternoon however, light mist sets in which benefits the young coffee plants.

No Mechanical Aid

People, who work in coffee plantations, work meticulously for hours, picking out the good cherries and disposing the rotting ones to ensure the best raw materials, which would then be processed. Mechanical aid is not common. The process is completely manual. Some farmers have started using machines and mechanized products to gather berries.

These methods must be faster but they lack an experienced farmer’s discretion in segregating the berries and might lead to compromises in quality. But sometimes in the face of shortages in manpower, the use of machinery becomes inevitable. But such cases are not very common.

But, a batch of coffee that is picked by the farmers and cultivators manually would be almost 100 percent pure. Each bean would be chosen carefully ensuring that the best, aromatic, refreshing, and gourmet coffee is made available to those who understand and appreciate it.

Kona coffee is also known to be an Arabica coffee, rich in flavor and aroma. It is an exotic mix of thrills for all your senses, guaranteed to sweep you off your feet.

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