One Cup Coffee Maker - Freshly Brewed Coffee In Every Cup

One Cup Coffee Maker

With a one cup coffee maker, you never have to worry about drinking stale coffee. Every cup is freshly brewed and steaming hot. These automatic machines have a programmable surface. You can even select the temperature and strength of the coffee that you prefer.


One cup coffee makers are ideal for a single coffee drinker household. You never have to waste leftover coffee and there’s just enough fresh brew for just you! If you have limited counter space, this coffee maker will not take up nearly as much room as a larger version. A smaller coffee maker is also much easier to clean up afterwards.

It’s small enough to easily be portable. You could take it to work (and avoid the dreaded break room brew) or even on trips. A good cup of Joe would always be at your fingertips. These machines also have a timer feature (just like most larger versions) so that your cup can be ready for you the minute you wake up in the morning.


The disadvantages of owning such a coffee maker, can be if you come from a home with multiple coffee drinkers.

Naturally, it would be rather time consuming to brew a cup at a time, if you needed to fill multiple mugs.

Also this version cannot make specialty versions such as cappuccino, espresso, or lattes. They can’t brew specialty coffee beans either. You pretty much have to stick with good old-fashioned coffee.

Useful Tips

Some tips to remember when purchasing a one cup coffee maker are the following:

  • Does the model detract from the surroundings? In other words, is it sleek enough not to be overly conspicuous, especially if it is going to be used in an office?

  • How easy is it to clean? A removable water tank is a plus when it comes to easy clean-up.

  • Do you need a specialty version that can brew cappuccinos, lattes, or mochas? This will require a special version of the one cup coffee maker as most of them do not have this feature.

  • Would you prefer to have a coffee maker that can produce a variety of blends, flavors, and roasts? There are one cup versions that can do this.

  • Does it have a removable cup platform that could reduce the risk of splattering and stains?

This kind of coffee makers is not for everybody, but they can be an excellent option for work or travel even if you have a larger version at home. There are even enough varieties available to suit almost any coffee drinker’s tastes. You should have no trouble finding one that fits your needs without breaking your budget.

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