The Benefits of Travel Coffee Mugs

Not long ago the primary benefit of travel coffee mugs were that they allowed you to safely sip your coffee or tea while on the move or in a vehicle. They didn’t necessarily come with insulation or the best designs, but they did allow you much more stability than a regular household mug. They prevented burns and spills, and kept the beverage much warmer than a mug that was open to the air.

Now, however, there is a huge array of these coffee mugs that can serve a fairly wide range of needs. There are smaller sizes meant to handle a single serving when someone heads out the door, and there are also massive containers that are able to take two to three servings on the road. Most are entirely insulated, including strong sealed lids that can keep a hot beverage incredibly warm for many hours. Alternately, they can also keep a cold beverage in the desired temperature range for a length of time as well.

All of this is great news to fans of coffee because it means that tons of money can be saved if someone wants to tote a larger travel coffee mug with them as they head out the door each day. Consider that even a “cheap” cup of coffee can run to a dollar or more and someone who drinks a few cups each morning might spend several dollars every day on coffee alone. This can quickly add up, but if a larger insulated travel mug is used, that three to four dollar daily expense would be cut to mere pennies instead.

Travel coffee mugs are used by the millions and this is the reason that they have become one of the most popular corporate “freebies” in the world. All kinds of promotions include a well-made and insulated travel mug that is given out as a way of spreading the word about a product or company. If you consider how many people drink coffee as they head to work, and how many more bring their travel mugs to their desks to prevent spills, it is easy to see that giving them away can really work wonders for any sort of campaign.

Of course saving money and successful marketing are not the only reasons that people should consider investing in a few travel coffee mugs. The environment benefits greatly from the use of these beverage holders as well. All kinds of studies have been done about the switch from disposable cups to travel mugs, and today most major coffee and donut shops offer all kinds of special deals to their regular customers who bring in a travel mug each day.

Additionally, the resources saved by people switching to travel mugs is impressive as well. It is estimated that enough trees to fill up to two football fields could be spared every day if only one hundred thousand people opted out of paper coffee cups and used travel mugs instead. What does that equal in financial terms? Roughly two thousand six hundred dollars in just a single day on paper cups would be eliminated!

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