Turkish Coffee Recipes

Any Turkish coffee recipes is going to require the use of a special Turkish coffee pot known as the “cezve”. It is the small pot’s shape and size that allows it to brew such potent and delicious coffee.

Not everyone will have access to such equipment, and the following coffee recipe can be made with a traditional sauce pan.

The finest results with any type of coffee recipe, including the following iced coffee recipe, will be obtained from a few key processes. The first is the correct storage of the unground coffee beans. The two biggest issues that affect coffee beans are air and moisture, which means that keeping them safe from both issues, is the best way to get a good cup of coffee. Most experts recommend air-tight containers kept at room temperature for the best results.

The next process is the grinding of the beans, and this should be done just before the brewing begins. This allows all of the bean’s oils and acids to remain intact and ensures a delicious pot of coffee.

Finally, purchasing specially labeled “Turkish” coffee is not necessary for this or really any Turkish style coffee recipe - a good medium roast coffee works well instead. Remember to grind this on the espresso setting.

Iced Turkish Coffee Recipe

Prepare Turkish coffee for each person by adding three ounces of water to the cezve or saucepan per person. To this also add one heaping teaspoon of freshly ground coffee and one teaspoon of sugar per person. Bring the coffee ALMOST to a boil, but do not let the fluid reach the rolling boil stage. Remove from heat and stir. Repeat the boiling, frothing, and stirring two more times. Set the coffee aside to allow it to cool completely.

Next, divide the coffee into four serving glasses and add equal amounts of coffee ice cream and a cola beverage. When the cola meets the ice cream it will froth and fizz and make for a refreshingly peppy beverage.

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