Choosing Unique Coffee Mugs

No matter where you go or what you are doing it is likely that you will see unique coffee mugs in use or for sale. In fact, there are probably far more mugs than people, and yet we still give them as gifts and buy unique or original mugs when we see them. People in offices choose unusual mugs in order to make a personal statement or to make their coffee or tea easily identifiable. Household mugs tend to be a reflection of the personal style of the owner, and this makes it even more appealing to know that there are so many styles available.

While it is fun to find or even collect them on a trip or vacation, it is important to use them only when they are absolutely safe and stable. What does this mean? Well, if you have any doubts about the quality of the glaze or paint on a unique coffee mug you should test for lead or toxins. The little kits used to do this are very affordable and easy to find in a hardware store. This is especially true if the mug happens to be “vintage” because it has only been within the last twenty to thirty years that all manufacturers were forced to offer up products that are entirely food-safe, including serving and table ware that is glazed.

Additionally, it is a good idea to find out about the level of tempering that has been done to the glass or materials in order to know that shattering is not going to occur with any extremes of temperature. For example, if you intend to put ice into the mug and then pour scalding hot coffee over it you will need to know that this will not cause fractures and shatters in the glass or porcelain. You will also want to double check about microwave and dishwasher safety if you frequently put all other coffee mugs and beverage holders through such demands.

What sort of unique coffee mugs are available? Well, there are as many designs and looks as is possible to imagine. People can find unique designs that might look like disposable cups. For example, there are porcelain travel mugs and household mugs that look exactly like the disposable “take out” mugs seen in every fast food restaurant or mini mart in the world. There are also some mugs that are meant to look like crumpled up Styrofoam and plastic cups as well.

While there are many whimsical mugs such as these, there are also some that offer aesthetically pleasing or extremely handy designs as well. For instance, there are some coffee mugs that have built in cookie and biscuit holders in their base. There are also some that have handles designed for a much easier grasp. Some coffee mugs use artisan bases and hand sculpted bodies to create a very unique look too.

Finally, there are some unique travel mugs intended for those who are forced to enjoy their morning cup of tea or coffee while on the go. These come in almost an equally wide range of styles as standard mugs too.

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