Vacuum Coffee Maker - Perfect For A Very Strong Flavor

A vacuum coffee maker, is a non-automatic piece of equipment that is capable of providing you with a very satisfying cup of coffee.

The taste of brewed coffee entirely depends on your brewing process and the kind of coffee maker you use. What is so special about vacuum coffee machine?

These makers follow a process that gives your coffee a very strong flavor. You can make various coffee beverages only altering the quantity of coffee you mix and yet every beverage tastes very different from the other.

Get Your FREE Coffeemaker Today! Making a particular type of coffee drink, calls for proper mixing of coffee and water and in right amounts.

There are many brewers that spoil the taste and flavor of your coffee as they fail to mix the components properly. On the other hand, a vacuum coffee maker is known to carry out the mixing process of coffee and water perfectly, providing us with a hot and strong cup of coffee.

How does it work?

These makers consist of two glass containers - the upper pot and the lower pot. The upper container is placed over the lower one and there is a stopper that keeps them together. The upper container has a filter in it and there is a tube that connects both pots.

Let’s take a quick look at the brewing process that the maker follows:

Step 1: You feed ground coffee in the upper container and water in the lower.

Step 2: You put the lower container on the heating area of the maker.

Step 3: Once the water almost reaches the boiling point, place the upper pot over the lower.

Step 4: The rising pressure in the lower container, due to boiling, will make the water rise to the upper pot through the tube and the brewing process begins.

Step 5: The coffee and the water should be left in the brewer pot for about 5 minutes for better blending.

Step 6: Now let your maker cool down. This will form a vacuum in the lower pot and the coffee will automatically flow back into the lower container passing through the filter.

Step 7: Now you can detach the lower container from the equipment and use it as a server. Finally, you have your hot, steaming, frothy coffee ready to be relished.

Remember, the amount of coffee depends on how strong you would like your coffee to be.

I always recommend a vacuum coffee maker, to all ‘strong coffee’ lovers. I recently got one for myself, and believe me, ever since I got one, there was no need to go to any café for that perfect cup of strong black coffee.

So, go ahead and get a vacuum coffee maker for yourself and start brewing delicious cups of coffee right away.

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